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We register by far the most companies in South Africa - with 11 branches and 76 consultants countrywide.

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Company Registration

Amendments to Companies

Amendments to CC's

Private Company - (Pty) Ltd Change of Name Change of Members Only
Personal Liability Company - Inc Adoption of MOI - (Pty) Ltd Change of Name and Members
Public Company - Ltd Adoption of MOI -  NPC Change of Name Only
Non Profit Company - NPC Increase Authorised Shares Conversion of CC to Company
Buy a Shelf Company Change Board of Directors Restoration - Deregistered
Co-operative Change Registered Address Change Accounting Officer
  P.A.I.A. Manual Annual Return
  Restoration - Deregistered  
  Annual Return  


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  • Shelf Company Warehouse is by far the largest CIPC agent is South Africa.

  • We are the preferred service provider for a large number of attorneys, auditors, accounting and other professionals, banks, CIPC agents, various private and public institutions as well as members of the public.

  • Shelf Company warehouse does by far the most company registrations in South Africa and are the top rated CIPC agent every single year since 1997.

  • If you had a company registered since 2002, there is a better than 50% chance that it was done by Shelf Company Warehouse.

  • Shelf Company Warehouse has 11 branches country wide, and our head office is in Pretoria.  One of our staff members is in attendance at CIPC daily to ensure that all our CIPC registrations are processed promptly.

  • With more than 76 staff members, Shelf Company Warehouse has the infrastructure and expertise to process CIPC registrations on an unprecedented scale.

  • Shelf Company warehouse offers an extensive range of business registration services, including new company registration, conversions from  CC's to companies, shelf companies and registration of special resolutions, annual returns and restorations of companies and close corporations.

  • And, as the largest CIPC agent in South Africa, Shelf Company Warehouse enjoys an unrivalled working relationship with the CIPC staff members.

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  • Each company and close corporation must lodge an annual return before the end of the month following the anniversary month of the date of registration.  Click below for application forms.

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